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Addicted to Winning

Bingo can be a very addictive game for some people - after all, it is a form of gambling, which is seen as a huge vice and massively addictive. Sitting around a crowded room, with your friends, dotting out the numbers on your card one by one can be a tense and exciting experience. Especially when you consider that the very next number could be the one that secures you the prize, or secures somebody else that same prize. The adrenaline is unmistakable, and the potential to win big only serves to heighten that adrenaline.

Each game offers a substantial cash prize, and one that is sometimes hundreds of times more that the entry fee. Therefore, the potential to come back with significantly more money than you came in with is huge, and can serve as the perfect incentive to carry on playing again and again. The different varieties of games that you can play (90-ball, 75-ball, etc) can also keep you coming back - if you find that your luck has run out in one variation, then you can simply try the next variation until something clicks. Not only that, but the amount of deals and marketing campaigns out there to keep you coming back makes the whole issue of bingo and how addictive it is a minefield to negotiate.

The community spirit of bingo also serves to keep you coming back. Not only will seeing your friends provide you with the desire to leave the house every week, but if you feel like quitting, it can be very hard to do so when the rest of your friend group remains playing. After all, peer pressure is not something that is just limited to the playground, and you can find yourself very easily tempted out of the house if a group of your nearest and dearest are trying their very best to persuade you to leave. After all, it's just one game, right?

However, this doesn't mean that online games like bingo should be demonised as addictive and dangerous for our health. It is just a game, at the end of the day. And certain measures have been put in place for helping people who find that they are addicted to a game.

Being surrounded by your friends is the quickest way to get recognised as a gaming addict. If you start acting irrationally, or if you find yourself in the bingo hall more often than usual, then the friends that you game with will be the first to notice your sudden change, and they'll be the first to help you through your problem. When you for example play roulette online there are chat moderators in place who can recognise these problems, and who are paid to do so. The US government, in 2006, also put into place measures to help stem addiction to online gambling, by preventing payment providers from taking payments for online gambling.