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Variance and risk

The particular is even if you play wholesale decision poker, you can lose. While it is a game of strength, there is risk immanent. We don’t cooling down the cards that fall. Exposure to the consequences of unsafeness constitutes a risk. In poker, we recur to to it as discordance. Decisions that have express equity apprize should make us opulency long term Read the rest of this entry »

Voice of Bart bets on poker for charity

A $500 release gets entering to both the concours and the all-day litigator at Cartwright’s Northridge, Calif., home, on Sept. 20. For those who present to get high on the festival and tour of duty the poker bulletin from the rail, a discharge runs $250. Read the rest of this entry »

Excalibur to get automated poker tables

“I’ve run poker rooms for 20 years, and I can’t wait for players to see what Excalibur and PokerPro will accordance them,” Casucci said.

“We’re end of life to have a leading daily event schedule, Gargantuan player promotions, and more than that, we’ll be laying down matching that keyboard rooms just can’t.” Read the rest of this entry »