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Dumb Thief Pisses Poker Pro

Ok, the prize for the dumbest thief definitely has to go to Adam Ramsay of Australia who was arrested this week for stealing a car belonging to poker pro, Van Marcus. Ramsay actually started off with a promising future for the title as Criminal of the Year. He casually walked up to the valet at the Crown Casino in Melbourne and pointed to ‘his’ car. The valet (incredibly, dumber than Ramsay), believed him and handed over the keys. Ok, this is where Ramsay starts to fail. Firstly, he stole the car of a very high profile poker player who would definitely squeal the minute he saw the back of his beloved car. Read the rest of this entry »

Sumo Gamblers Lose Sponsorship

I think the ancient sport of Sumo wrestling just burst into the 21st Century. Japan’s fighters apparently lost their biggest sponsor after they admitted to gambling on baseball matches and card games. Apparently the sport is in so much hot water that the future of the next tournament is threatened. These guys had better tread carefully so as not to anger other sponsors. McDonalds, for example, has done a lot for the Sumo over the years, even installing a custom made seat to support their weight at the Tokyo sumo stadium Mc branch last year! On the other hand, what’s a little harmful dallying on sports betting going to harm anyone? Read the rest of this entry »