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Tips and rules of Texas Hold’em

Tips and rules of Texas Hold'emNowadays, most everyone has heard anything from Texas Hold’em. Be it at the poker night by Stefan Raab, the evening on DSF, where Texas Hold’em tournaments are transmitted at poker in a pub or in online poker. Texas Hold’em is ubiquitous and thousands of players earn much money Texas Hold’em. So that they might eventually be able to classify the series of professional Texas Hold’em players, but they first have to know the rules of Texas Hold’em. This we explain in this article, we also give them some tips on Texas Hold’em. Read the rest of this entry »

Lucky Dime

The gambling scene has been kind of dry this week so I decided to dedicate this whole blog to a joke that should lift our spirits.

John heads off to Vegas with a $20,000 bankroll, gambles all weekend and he has lost literally everything. He badly needs the bathroom and asks another gambler to borrow a dime for the men’s room. In the bathroom, the stall door is open and he uses the last dime in the slot machines instead. Imagine his delight when he hits the $1000 jackpot! Read the rest of this entry »

Rubbing Shoulders with Lottery Winners

What’s that saying about if you rub shoulders with rich people some of their gold will start to rub off on you? Well that’s how it must have felt for a guy in Tsawwassen, Canada who has worked for over 20 years in gambling industry. I’m sure that Brian Egli must have had his moments of jealousy when he handed over checks to countless lottery-winning millionaires along the way. But his moment of glory came when he learned that he had matched all six winning numbers to earn the massive amount of $4.3 million this week. You can’t blame Egli’s wife Bea for her response when her husband told her that they had won the Big One. All she could mutter scornfully was, Read the rest of this entry »