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Poker in the mobile age

Poker in the mobile ageWhile it is not unusual anymore nowadays have to play in one of the many online poker rooms online poker or offers to use the Internet to learn how to play poker, mobile poker is still in its infancy. It is expected to rapid growth and the mobile poker could overtake in the not too distant future, even the classic online poker.

Usually under the slogan mobile poker or mobile poker advertised, these are a brand new way to play regardless of place and time poker because you can play in places where there is no computer available Read the rest of this entry »

Poker and Twitter

Poker and TwitterTwitter is very democratic. While on the one hand poker sites such as online poker rooms, poker tools and developer of poker sites can use the service for their pronouncements, Twitter is at the same time the individual poker players a voice. Is there somewhere a problem or notice something positive or negative – a moment later you can read about it on Twitter. The hurdles in order to publish messages (known as tweets) are kept low, and next to the computer has long since established the phone in order to sell their tweets quickly and from anywhere. Read the rest of this entry »

Learn the rules of Omaha

Learn the rules of OmahaHi, dear old and new readers. We look forward as always when they stop by on our blog about the poker game poker omaha, because although these poker games already to the top ever heard, of course we want even more excited about this great game. But that they be able to play himself, whether for live poker or at the poker tables in the casino, they have to first know the rules of Omaha. If they have already plays poker Texas hold em, they actually already know the most important, however there are of course some small but subtle differences that make the two of poker in the end very different. So that they can be absolutely sure, we want in our today’s article once again explain the rules of Omaha. Read the rest of this entry »