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Noble Poker

index•    25% First Deposit Bonus up to $100
•    Unique Options, Stats, and Graphics
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ONLINE POKER GAMES ARE ON A ROLL•    20% sign up bonus up to $100.
•    Thriving web community: ‘Pokah!’ With 83,797 Members
•    Thriving web community: ‘Pokah!’ With 83,797 Members
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Coping With Downswings

Coping With DownswingsPoker is a game that is dominated by short-term luck, and if you’ve played poker for any amount of time, you’ve probably hit a downswing. If you play the game long enough, though, they are as inevitable as the setting sun. The very best starting hand in hold’em, pocket aces, only holds up approx. 80% of the time – which means they will get cracked 1 out of 5 times and occasionally get cracked several times consecutively. What starts as a few bad beats can quickly lead to an extended run of sessions where you book losses, and you are soon forced to deal with a significant downswing. Read the rest of this entry »